Frequently Asked Questions

What is Honesty Cams ?

Honesty Cams is an adult webcam service company for women and couples. It is a non-judgemental, completely transparent and honest service company which allows all clients to create financial independence via a flexible self-employment model with no restrictions or expectations and with unlimited earning potential.


Who runs Honesty Cams?

Honesty Cams is owned and run by Ms Morgan. We deal with client registration, profiling, safety, security and payments. Any outside recruiters or affiliates of the network should be clarified with HonestyCams before any personal information is given.


Am I eligible to be a client?

If you are 18 or over, have a full or provisional UK driving license, UK passport or citizen card, a UK bank account, and a laptop where you can download software (so Chromebooks will not do) then yes, you are eligible to be a client of HonestyCams. Without these, HonestyCams cannot help.


Do I have to be a model?

No. Honesty Cams offer services to adult females and couples of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds. This is not a one size fits all kind of role and your personality and energy online determines your success, not just your look. There is a niche for everyone in HonestyCams and we will support you to find it.


What do I have to do online?

A webcam model’s role online is to entertain their own clients via a video link – how you do that is completely down to your own discretion. You are in complete control and you do not have to do anything you are uncomfortable with. Nudity is preferred of a webcam model but it is not mandatory, and you are well within your rights to refuse, eject people out of chat or ask for tips. Models using HonestyCams services vary enormously and there is absolutely no judgement, and no obligation to divulge to anyone what you do online.


So I can be a non-nude webcam model?

Yes. Your earnings may be less than someone who does offer nudity but it doesn't mean you cannot earn good money. HonestyCams provides training and support to enable non nude models to maximise on the opportunity via a secret Facebook group which is exclusively for clients only.


What if I don't want to webcam, can I still make money?

Yes. As above your earnings maybe less than those who do offer webcam facilities but there are other ways to make money using HonestyCams services. It is worth mentioning that most people when they webcam do not talk, they only type, so it is not as daunting. You can make money by offering phone calls, sms texts, rental of picture galleries, video galleries, erotica writing and auctioning clothing and toys etc.


Can I just be an Instant Messenger Operator?

Of course. Lots of girls dont want to be seen or don't have the confidence to be seen, Instant Messenging is a great way to earn, without being seen, so why not start earning money from the comfort of your home and get a feel for the ropes of the business whilst carrying on with your normal day, house work, etc?


Can I work online with a partner?

Yes, if you have a trusting relationship or an open minded partner absolutely you may webcam or create content together – always ensure you have talked this through thoroughly with your partner and you both know what you are willing to do or show online. You are not permitted under any circumstances to show or share any network information with your male partners, this includes, but is not limited to, contractual information, client details, members names and information concerning them, etc. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIONABLE. Any client found breaching this will be terminated immediately without warning and two weeks’ of credits will be withheld, Member confidentiality is a priority and we have a zero tolerance policy on anyone seen to breach this.


Can I be anonymous?

Absolutely, we are a 100% confidential service company and your safety and security is the main priority of HonestyCams. You do not have to be a member of the secret Facebook group and HonestyCams will NEVER divulge any of your information to anybody. Your webcam profile is tailored to minimise the chance of you being found or searchable online. We cannot guarantee 100% that you will never be found but we do our upmost to ensure this and to date no clients have been discovered online.


How much can I expect to earn?

This varies and is dependent on multiple factors such as your experience, confidence, popularity, how often you go online, what times you can go online, what you offer and what your rates are. You are paid a ‘pay by minute rate’ which you can edit as you like as you become more experienced online, but all models start with a minimum of £1.50  per minute in group mode and £3.00 in private mode for webcam, and £1.00  per minute for private messaging (where you are not seen). You are paid roughly 60% of all credits, 30% is paid directly to the website for hosting and 10% goes to HonestyCams. Men’s rates vary.


How am I paid?

All payments are made via bank transfer to a UK bank account.


How often am I paid?

Normally, clients are paid weekly on a Tuesday evening. Payments are made 2 weeks in arrears due to the processing time of the website. The work week runs Wednesday to Tuesday midnight and earnings are removed the following Tuesday to be paid in two week’s time.


e.g if you worked during work week  running Monday 3/09 –  Sunday 09/09 the earnings would be removed on the Tuesday 11/09 and paid on the Tuesday 25/09.


Do I have contracted hours?

No. As an independent self-employed client of HonestyCams you are free to choose your own working hours. There are no mandatory work times or minimum work requirements other than those you set yourself.


Do I have to pay tax?

Yes. As with any form of income you are required to declare your earnings and to pay tax. This is your responsibility as a self-employed client of HonestyCams.


Is there a sign-up fee?



If I decide it is not for me is there a fee to leave?

No. If you decide to leave we understand, and all accounts will be closed on your behalf, with no hard feelings.


What fees does HonestyCams take?

As a completely transparent service company we fully outline all fees to potential clients before registering with our service – unlike many other similar companies. We charge 10% of your earnings for services and maintenance. We are unlike other companies as WE DO NOT CHARGE A DAILY FEE, as we think this is greedy and unfair on you.


Why do I have to pay fees?

The fees paid to HonestyCams are a small price to pay for the professionalism, support, training and management you receive. Fees cover the cost of initial set ups, managing accounts, including safety and security of your personal information and any editing done to increase earnings, ongoing training and support, processing of payments, and general time taken to ensure accounts run smoothly and clients are happy. As a service company we are confident you will find these fees very competitive within the adult industry.



As per the hosting websites Terms and Conditions on your Instructions to Leave, we are entitled to keep all credits, or part of, as we see fit. This is reviewed on an individual basis.


Query still not answered?

If your query is still not answered then please inbox (message) us on our Facebook Profile Danielle Green, at:


and our team leaders will be pleased to discuss your query personally.Why not add us first so we get your message straightaway rather than it going in as filtered message.


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