• Becoming a cam girl - Do I need to look like a porn star?

    So all cam girls look like porn stars, ...right?

    No absolutely not!  Cam girls and guys are people of all shapes and sizes.  Most of our cam models are stay at home mums and normal everyday women, with spare tyres, wobbly bits and the odd grey hair and wrinkle!  The type of ladies who worry about cellulite and wear their Bridget Jones knickers when they go out in a dress. 

    The first thing to remember is that there are guys out there waiting to cam with women of all shapes and sizes.  Lots of men prefer an older bigger woman, 'a real woman', with fat bits, saggy tits and love handles.  And wow do they love a big arse!  Generally, what you think is your worst feature, the men will love! 

    "Being on cam really opens your eyes as to what men really find attractive.   I've acctually become more comfortable with my body size and shape since becoming a cam girl. It's a massive confidence boost to know that there are men out there who find me attractive and love my fat tummy and big bum."  - Honesty Cam Girl (Size 22 Aged 38)

    Equally there are lots of young girls who really do look like porn stars and models.  Also eveything in between from trans gender to no gender.  The point is that it doesn't matter what you look like!

    If you are interested in learning more about becoming a camgirl/guy but worried about your looks or shape, just drop us an email or Facebook msg and have a chat. 

  • Becoming a cam girl. What do I say?

    2. What do I say?  Say Hello!  There is a real person on the other end of the cam so treat them as such.  Have a few brief questions and intro ready in your head to say to everyone who pops in. Hi, How are you? Where about's are you from? Cool username! (not if it is Donkeydick99, - that's fairly self explanatory, or at least he thinks it is) Have you had a good weekend? How's your day going? - You do end up typing these convo starters over and over again and you will get sick of them but it's a great way to break the ice and say hi.  Lots of these customers will be new to this themselves and not sure what to say so be friendly and ask a couple of questions.  The long term customers will often ask you these questions first and then go straight in with 'I love your tits in that outfit babe'  Then of course you get the cheeky fuckers who like to bark orders rather than asking or even saying hi first.  In my opinion these guys can bog off to one of the free sites, but if you fancy a bit of banter call them out on it. 


    After a couple of everyday questions you can move on to the real reason they are there, if they haven't already started down that route…  So, are you enjoying the view?  What turns you on?  What are you into?  These usually set them off chatting happily about their fave wanking habits and then they tell you what they want.  Yes there are weirdo's,  yes everyone has a weird kink, yes there will be some stuff you aren't into (just say no thanks) but I guarantee it will be hilarious and you will have a lot of fun.


    In my opinion it is absolutely necessary to join a group so you can have the support of other guys and girls doing the same job.  Someone to bounce ideas off, ask for advice, moan and rant at, and most of all laugh with, is so important when working from home as a cam girl.  Of course, as with any industry there are dangers out there - all good cam service sites have a list of free sex advice and support services in their help section. You can find Adultworks page here.

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