• Becoming a cam girl

    Here at Honesty Cams we get asked so many questions about what it is really like becoming a cam girl.  

    There is loads of technical information and advice out there for which laptop and webcam you should get.  However, once you are all set up, and software downloaded, you've had some training on how to use the website.... what do you actually do in front of the cam? 

    • What do I wear? 
    • How should I set my prices? 
    • What do I say when someone comes into my chat room? 
    • Do I have to show my face?
    • What happens if they want me to do something I don't want to do?

    All these questions and more can seem a bit scary when you first turn on that cam....

    This blog, (over the next few posts) is hopefully going to answer a few of your questions and give you an idea of what you can expect when you become a cam girl.   Feel free to find us on Facebook or Twitter and ask us your questions, we'd love to add them into our blog. 


    For now and to get you started, here is our first top tip!

    BE REAL!

    1.  Be real! - It's great to have a 'personality', either be yourself or pick a persona thats close to it.  You'll need a 'cam name' anyway so take a bit of time to think about who this person is and what she likes.  Is she a cheeky minx, that likes to take the piss, or a bit of a dominatrix who expects to be worshipped?  Whatever you decide, keep it simple and authentic.  The majority of customers come on these sites and pay for your time because they want to meet a person NOT a barbie doll porn star.  If they want free porn they can go to www.pornhub.com  (which, by the way, is a great place to do some research!)   So take some time and think about your avatar, likes/dislikes, what they do for fun and bring a bit of yourself into it. 





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