So you want to become a HonestyCams client? Here is what we need from you:


Your full name - this will not be disclosed on the website

Confirm you have a full working laptop that can download software-chrome book,kindles,Ipad and phones are not sufficent.


Cam name - think of an Alias name, not your own, we can help you sexy it up,but we do need a name.

Age -

Dob -

Please state if IM or Cam even if with no face showing.


Bio about yourself - This is the important bit, the more sexy info you give the easier it is to create your profile! It doesnt need to be factual or real,We don’t want to know about your kids and love of animals, the grittier the info the more calls you will get!

Example: So I love the hidden outdoors and the sea, I love to be able to go out wearing my little red bikini and showing off my curvy body.

A confident man who can rock my world giving a man oral is also another one of my turn ons I love my boobs and nipples being played with.

I love my foreplay especially when a man goes down on me it makes me sooooo excited and relaxed and we'll take it from there. My favourite position is doggy as it makes me squirt everywhere. I Love deep hard passionate sex.


I have this amazing sexy outfit that I love to wear during sex.... a small triangular shaped bra that bearley covers my nipples and my frilly thong.


One photo of yourself - (no filters)


Photo or scan of UK Passport or valid UK driving licence (all 4 corners must be seen) with no glare if using a phone. If we can’t zoom in and see the information it cannot be accepted. Provisional driving licence is acceptable. ID must be indate.


Email address -


When we have received all that have a pen and paper ready, as you will need to hold a sign up with a code we will give you (to ensure it is really you, and not some scammer).


Essentials to include when writing your bio:

Hair colour

Eye colour 

Boob size 

Big or little bum 

Body shape 


Submissive or Dominant (optional)

Anything in Particular you like to talk about? example if your into girls.


Remember, it doesn’t have to be factual, if we get no bio info we cannot complete your registration.


Don’t worry about putting all the above into sentences, this is just to help us when it comes to wording your profile.


Referal Codes

It helps us to understand how you came across HonestyCams, for example, by coming across our Facebook page or website, or whether you were referred to our site by an existing client (so we can pay referal fees). If you were referred by an existing client of HonestyCams ask for their Speedy Reference Code to speed up the application. So please also include one of the following codes:

Via Facebook [facebook]

Via Twitter [Twitter]

Via Google[Google]

Via an existing client of HonestyCams: [Name]


When can you start? How many hours a day/week can you commit to your new venture, remember a full time wage requires full time hours, and IM requires long periods of time to get calls.


Send all the above info to us by email, at:


Then pop us a message at to let us know. Please be aware that processing can up to take 24 hours.


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