About Us

We are a webcam model service company, providing webcam video and advertising facilities, together with payment collection and forwarding facilities. Webcam girls (our clients) would normally chat online and charge by the minute, and HonestyCams would provide the services for the charging and collection of those charges and forward them to their clients (less a small fee for our service).


Clients have a few options when joining:


Full webcam - where the clients can see you (this is the highest paid and most busy option)

IM - typed chat and you can’t be seen (lower paid and not as busy)

Phone chat - adult natured phone chat (more of an add-on to earn extra)


Our clients offer video and typed chats which are usually of an adult nature, so our clients need a laptop with a webcam for all options regardless of which one they pick.  Most clients type rather than use audio, especially at the start. If a client wishes to remain anonymous we can help you do that. Why not click the FAQ to read more.

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